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Geoff Stevens was born on the 4th June, 1942, at West Bromwich, in the industrial midlands of England that is known as The Black Country. It was at that time a mixture of industrial, post-industrial, and countryside in minature, a unique rich admixture.

He was initially a successful pupil at school, but his later schooling was for boys only, operated six days a week, and was both constrictive and restrictive, and he rebelled against it.

On leaving, he got a job as an industrial chemist and studied part-time for academic qualifications. Chemistry was to be his occupation until 1995, and he worked in the chemical manufacturing, paint making, electroplating, bicycle, and closure industries.

Local history and custom was also an interest and he began to write about those and on other subjects for journals and newspapers, and also became Director of Industrial Archaeology for The Black Country Society.

In the 1970's, inspired by local versifiers, and then by reading Dylan Thomas, he began to
write poetry and to submit it to magazines, until he was eventually succesful in getting it published. He also began a long interest in reading poetry in public
.Geoff Stevens (right) at The Saison Poetry Library’s 50th Birthday Party.

1976 saw the inception of his own poetry magazine, Purple Patch, which passed its 100th. edition in June 2001 and celebrated its 30th. year in 2006

Other magazines he has edited are Purple Pastiche (poetry and art), S-Fest Ltd. (U.K. Editor of U.S.Lit mag.), Micropress Midlands Poetry, and one guest issue of South magazine.

He was a founder member of Spouting Forth poetry performance and publication group in the 90's and, with Brendan Hawthorne, started the Poetry Wednesbury group of poets in 2002.

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1970's First wrote poetry (in Black Country dialect).

1970's Read poetry locally, mainly Dudley Poetry Centre.

1975-78 Edited poetry column (Poetaster) in The Circular, West Midlands newspaper.

1976 - to date Editor of Purple Patch poetry magazine.

Also published Purple Pastiche (poetry and art) and The Firing Squad (protest poetry).

1995-2001 U.K. Editor of S-Fest Literary Magazine (USA).

1997 Awarded Hastings Poetry Festival Prize for Services to Poetry.

1999 Organised the Purple Patch Poetry Convention

1996-8 Edited Midlands Micropress Poetry.

2001 Organised the Purple Patch Poetry Convention.

2001 Co-organiser of Poetry Wednesbury monthly reading venues.

2004 Founder member of Unleaded Petrels performance poetry group.

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Published poetry as at September 1st 2003:

U.K. MAGAZINES (327) - updated 7.8.2010

And All That( a Pete Presford mag.), The Arcadian, The Argent Round(anth.), Advance, The Affectionate Punch, Agog, Ah Pook Is Here, Aireings, Albert Poets Anthology, And What Of Tomorrow, Angelic Dynamo website, Apostrophe, The Arcadian, Art for Aldridge  (anthology), Aspire, At Last, Awen, Axiom, Babby Bubble, Bailey's Island, The Banshee, Bard, The Bards, A Bard Hair Day, Bardonni, Best of Reach Anthology 2008, Between Hangovers, Blackberrying Anthology (Black Country Society), Blackcountry Bugle, The Blackcountryman, The Black Mountain Review, Bogg, Bogger's All, The Book Advertiser, Borderlines, Boundary, Bound Spiral, The Boy's No Good (anth.), Braquemand, Brass Butterfly, Breathe, Brunswick Poets Anthology, Bull, By The Winter Fires anth.(Indigo Dreams), Candelabrum, Carillon, Cauldron, Cencrastus, Chimera, Chronicles Of Disorder, The Circular, Coffee House, Connections (London), Connections (Kent), Crablines From The Pier (Indigo Dreams Anthology),Creative Tales, Creativity Magazine, Crystal, Curlew, Current Accounts, Cyclops, Dandelion, The Dawntreader, Death's Door, Decanto, Desire, Dial 174,  Diversion, Doors, Dreamcatcher, Eavesdropper, Eclipse, Eco Runes, 84, End of Millenium, Envoi, Erbacce ,Essence,  Exe-Calibre, Exile, Expressions, Fabric, Fantasia Anthology, Farrago, Feh!, Fingertips, Fire, The Firing Squad, First Time, Folio International, Foolscap, The Forbidden Fruit Anthology, 4th. Dimension, Frogmore Papers, From the Horse's Mouth, Garbaj, Geek Love, Global Tapestry, Gold Dust, The Good Society Review, Great Outdoors Anthology, Hammering it Home Anthology (Thursdays), Handshake, Handsworth Festival Anthology, Hat, Headlock, Helicon, The Herald (Scottish newspaper), Hicku Anthology, Hooligan Heart, Horace, Huddersfield Examiner, Hybrid, Inclement, Illuminations, In Between Hangovers, In Between Violence, Inkshed, Ink Sweat & Tears, Interactions,Interpreter's House,  Iota, Issue One, Is Poetry Really a Green Energy Source (Pete Presford), Jewels and Binoculars Anthology (Headland), The Journal, Journal of Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry, /Kickin' & Screamin', Konfluence, Kopan Mahedera 75th. Commemoration, Krax, Lamport Court, The Lantern Review, Lexicon, Links, Linkway,  Litspeak, Littoral, Living Poets, Longstone, The Magazine, Magazing, The Magic of Animals(anth.), Magpie's Nest, Main Street Journal, Manifold, Markings, Medusa Anthology (Hill Top Press), Measure, Melodic Scribble, Memes, Micropress Midlands Poetry, Midnight Oil, Midnight Street, Mind Ground, Momentum, Monas Hieroglyphia, Moodswing, Moon Light Poetry, Moonstone, Mussolini's Rabbit, National Poetry Anthology (United Press), Neobeam, Network 2, Never Bury Poetry, New Hope International, New Horizon, New Poems From Portsmouth, New Truth, Nightingale, 1969 And All That anthol., Nineties Poetry, Norfolk Poets &  Writers anthology, Nova, Nutshell, Obsessed with Pipework, Odyssey, Of Mouth and More, Orbis,Ore, Outlaw, Page 84, Paladin, Pam's Poems, Panda, Paper Poppies (Poetry Wednesbury anth.),Parameter, Parasol Post, Peace & Freedom, Pen & Keyboard, Pennine Ink, Pennine Platform, The People's Poetry, /Periaktos, Period Piece & Paperback, Phoenix New Life Poetry, Pigmy Giant,Poems for Josephine anth., Poetechniciens, Poetic Licence, Poetry Cornwall, Poetry In Nature, Poetry Manchester, Poetry Monthly, Poetry Nottingham, Poetry Now, Poetry Scotland, , Pomes, Positively Poetry Anthology (New Hope), Premonitions, Psychopoetica, Pulsar, Purple Pastiche, Purple Patch, Quarry, Ragged Raven Anthology, Rain Dog, Raise The Bones Anthology, Raw Edge, Reach, Read The Music, Read This, The Real Survivors' Anyhology. The Reater, Rebel Head Anthology, Rebel Inc., Red Lamp, Reflections, Relapse, Recusant,  Retort, Return To Sender Anthology (Headland), Reveal, The Review of Contemporery Poetry (Bluechrome), Riot Angel,  Rising, Rock & Roll Music, Romantic Outsider, Roundyhouse, Rue Bella,  Rustic Rub, Sandpaper, Sandwell Arts Magazine, Sarasvati,  Saw, Scar Tissue, Scintilla, Scriptor, Second Rapture, Second Time Single Anthology (Poetry Now), Sentinel, Sepia, The Seventh Quarry, Sheep's Clothing, Shropshire Unfolded, Skald, The Slab, Slacker,  Sodem, Sol, Solo Survivors, Something Else (Salt Anthology), Songs, South, Southlight, Southlight 5, Spectrum, Songs of Sea and Sand Anthology (Pentagraph Press), Spectrum, Splizz, Spoke, A Sporting Chance (a Bluechrome Anthology),The Spotted Rhubarb, Spouting Forth Anthology, Spume, Start, Still Crazy,  Stomp, Stop Gap, Stour Vale Life, Success, Suffer This, The Sun Also Rises, Swagmag, Symphony, Symtex & Grimmer, Talebones,Tandem, Target, Tears in the Fence, Terrible Work, The Third Half, 3x4, Thursdays, Tops, Tips for Writers, UB40 Anthology (Poetry Now), The Ugly Tree, Understanding, Unicorn, The Unruly Sun, Urban District Writer, Urban Landscapes, Verbal, Vigil,Vision, Visionary Tongue, Vision Seeker & Sharer, Violence As An Art Form anthology, Virtual Paradise Anthology (Pentagraph Press), Voice & Verse, Voyage, Walking Naked, Westwords, Weyfarers, The White Rose, The Wire, Wits End, Wordplay, Wordshare, Working Titles, Wow Anthology, Writer's Muse, The Writer's Rostrum, Wyrd, Yesterday Today & Tomorrow, The Yonkly,  "Z", Zones Anthology.

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Internet Magazines/ Internet Radio etc. (67)

Aerings, All Info About Poetry, Angelic Dynamo,The Argotist on line (UK), Attention Seeker, Roger Bagula website, Beatlick News website, Blackcountry podcast, Birmingham’s People, Chanticleer on line, Cottonmouth ( W.Australia), Creatix (Western Australia), crosswinds(USA), Current Accounts, Firing Squad website, For,  Geoff Stevens website, Gold Dust website, Great Works website, headworx (New Zealand), The Herald blog site, Indigo Dreams Website, Ink Sweat & Tears webmag.,  www.lincolnshire, littlebrownpoetry (USA),    livingpoets, The MAG, Measure Magazine, Melancholy Sideshow website, Michael, The Minstrel website, Neobeam PDF, New Horizon website,  Qpen Wide Magazine, Page One Wolverhampton Commumity Radio), The Pygmy Giant,, Poemsniederngasse website (Switzerland), Poet in Residence website,,  Poetry & Graphics,  Poetry & Graphics Monthly, Poetry Monthly Website, Poetry’s Journal website, The Poetry Kit, Poetry Library website,Poetry Monthly Internet Bookshop, Poetry Wednesbury website, Poetry Wednesbury International website, Poetry's Journal, Psychopoetica webmag., Purple Patch website, The Pygmy Giant website, Radio Wildfire,The Recuscant, Red Ink website,, Sein Und Werden, Snakeskin (USA), Spine, The Stirrer, tenpennyplayers(USA), The People’s Poet,Tryst, Veil website (USA),Wire Magazine Online, Wolverhampton Community Radio, Woodcoin,  Writer’s Muse website



U.S. MAGAZINES (and others, in brackets) (150)

Above & Below, Amber, Anker (Canada), Anthology Magazine, Aural Images, Back Brain Recluse, Beyond The Brink, Blackwater, The Blind Man's Rainbow, Bogg, Bold Print, The Brobdingnagian Times (Eire), The Cafe Review, California Quarterly, Cerberus, Children Churches & Daddies, Chiron Review, Cleopatra (Italy), Coal City Review, Coracle, Curbside Review, The Dark Side of the Moon, Daybreak, The Diddler, The Dirty Goat, Dreamers From A Stranger's Cafe, Dream Machine, East & West Quarterly, Endless Mountain Review, Fabric, Feelings, The Fractual Translight Newsletter, Freefall (USA), Freefall (Canada), The Frieburger (Germany), Glasshouse Electric, Glimse (Canada), Gortday Review, Great Mid-Western Quarterly, Green Moon, Green's Magazine (Canada), Hammers, Heliocentric Net, Helix, Hodge Podge, House of Moonlight, Illya's Honey,  Inner Voices, Iodine, In Touch, Iramana (Spain), The Irreversible Man, JAAM (New Zealand), J.V.C. Broadsheet, Knochenmadchew In Pelse Mit Peltsche (Germany), Labour of Love (Canada), La Carte De Oliver (Argentina),The Lantern Review, La Pierna Tierna, Las Cruces, Late Knocking, Lateral Moves, The Laughing Dog, The Light & Dark Sides of the Moon, The Light Tavern, LITE, Litspeak (Germany), Little Brown Poetry, Lone Stars,  Mad Poet's Review, Manna, Marsh & Maple (Canada), Medicinal Purposes, Memo, Micropress N.Z. (New Zealand), Micropress Yates (Australia), Midnight Street (check country?), Minototaur, Miscellaneous, Mobius, Moments in Time, The Moon, Moongate De Homo Sentiens, Moonstone, My Legacy, NASA, Nomad's Quoir, No Exit, Not One Of Us, Oh! Zone, Omnific, Open Cut, Opus Literary Review, Orphic Lute, Overview Ltd., Parnasus Literary Review, Parnasus of World Poets (India), Paris Atlantic(France) , Parnassus, Phase & Cycle, Poems Niederngasse (Switzerland), Poesie (India), Poetic Eloquence, Poetic Page, Poetic Page Opus, Poetic Realm, Peaky Hide, Plowman (Canada), Poet's Fantasy, The Poet's Guild,  Poettalk, Potpourri, Pralaton, Prophetic Voices, Puck & Pluck, Purple Patch U.S.A., /The Quest (India), Red Dancefloor, The Red Moon, Red Owl, River King, Rubber Stones,  S-Fest Ltd., Silver Wolf (Eire), Sivullinen (Finland), Spin (New Zealand), Spindrift (Australia), Sulphur & Sawdust, Sulphur River Review, Sunday Apphira Daily News (India), Syncopated City, Talebones, Talvipaivanseisaus (Finland), The Light & The Drk Sides Of The Moon, Thirteen, Thorny Locust, Timber Creek Review, Toe Jam, Twilight Ending, Valley Micropress (New Zealand), Veil, Voices Israel (Israel), Waste Anthology, Waterways,  Words of Wisdom, Words Three, Writer's World, Yo Mi Mo No (Japan), Z-Miscellaneous, Zig Zag Zygurat, ZZZ Zine.

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Not Quite Headlines (Self-published) 1987

The 1970's (Self-published) 1987

Field Manual For Poetry Lovers (K.T.Publications) 1987

87 Poems (Self published) 1988

A Guide to the Statues of this Town (Self-published) 1989

Future Heart Attacks by Appointment Only (Self-published) 1990

Sits Vacant (Self-published) 1991

Nineties Poetry (Thursdays) 1991

Ecstasy (Krax) 1992

A Comparison of Myself with Ivan Blatny (Magic Pen Press) 1992

Skin Print (with Paul Weinman) (Finger Lickin' Good Press, USA) 1992

Skin Print, second edition (Concrete Block In The Face Press, N.Y.) 1993

The Surreal Mind Paints Poetry (Michael Green) 1993

The Complacency of The English (Wonderhorn) 1995

For Reference Only (Poetry Monthly) 1999

Been There (Poetry Monthly) 1999

At The Edge/ Central To Me (with stories by Wayne Dean-Richards) (Spouting Forth Ink) 1999

Crossing The Tamar (Curlew Press) 2001

No Bleating For The Daffodils (New Rainbow Press) 2003 (limited issue of 20 numbered and signed copies)

Favourite Tracks (with Brendan Hawthorne - Brendan Hawthorne 2003)

Absinthe on Your Ice-cream, a collection of his recent poems

Previously Uncollected Selected: Poems 1975-2007, poems published over the years in various national and international magazines, collected together for the first time.

The Phrenology of Anaglypta (Bluechrome Publishing)

A Keelhauling Through Ireland

The Instability of Nitro-Cellulose

Islands in the Blood
(Inigo Dreams Publishing)  2010

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VIDEOS Cassettes

Hastings Poetry (Stand & Deliver) 1995

Hastings Poetry (Stand & Deliver) 1996

Birmingham Poets (Birmingham Libraries) 1996

Spouting Forth in Sandwell (Sandwell Community Libraries)

Brendan Hawthorne and Geoff Stevens Showcase (Josiah Mason Media Centre)2002

Poetry Wednesbury On Tour 2002 (New Rainbow Productions)

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AUDIO Cassettes

Ninety Ninety ( two poems on anthology,New Hope International)

Under The Beacon (Self-published) 1992

Purple Patch Anthology 2000

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Love & Other Conflicts, poems of love and more, £6 post free u.k.

Fustun (Poetry Wednesbury Anthology)2002

A Black Country Loff (in dialect, with Brendan Hawthorne)2003

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The covers of many editions of Purple Patch have been illustrated by me and I have illustrated poetry collections for other presses, as well as providing illustrations for magazines here and in the USA. Exhibitions of artwork locally and in Spain.

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I have organised three 3 day poetry conventions at the Barlow Theatre, Langley, near Birmingham, each of which attracted over 100 poets. Another is proposed for June 2004.

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I have read my work at over 80 different venues, a number of them as a regular performer.

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Poetry Collections - FOR SALE

Most of my collections can still be purchased direct from me at the address below,
though earlier volumes are scarce!

Field Manual for Poetry Lovers - £2.00
Ecstasy 50p, Skin Print - £2.00
A Comparison of Myself with Ivan Blatny - £2.00
For Reference Only - £3.00
Been There - £3.00
At The Edge/Central to Me - £5.50
Favourite Tracks - £4.60

These prices include postage.


[Some of Geoff Stevens’ poems can be found on Poetry Wednesbury International.]

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Islands in the Blood - 78 page book of island poems £7.00 plus £1.00 postage (direct from me).
Published by Inigo Dreams Publishing -

The Phrenology of Anaglypta - a 108 page book of poems and drawings at £7.99 plus £1.00 postage (direct from me).
Published by Blue Chrome Publishing, PO Box 109, Bristol, BS20 7ZJ
or visit
NB If buying direct from Bluechrome, add £2.50 per order.

The Instability of Nitro Cellulose £2 post free u.k.

A Keelhauling Through Ireland - a short travelogue plus poems plus colour Photographs, £5 plus 50p. postage

My latest books:-
Absinthe on Your Ice-cream, a collection of his latest poems.
£7-50 plus £1 post and packing
Previously Uncollected Selected: Poems 1975-2007, poems published over the years in various national and international magazines, collected together for the first time.  £6-50 plus £1 post and package.
available direct from me at the following address:-

Geoff Stevens, 25 Griffiths Road, West Bromwich, B71 2EH

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